ADT 9.0.0 preview

Ever since the version changing in 8.0.0 the progress of the eclipse ADT plugin is amazing. Its not finished yet, but its getting closer to the fully drag-and-drop development that could help many new developer to jump in to android development.

And my favorite are :

– “Go to declaration” hyperlink support. You don’t need to navigate manually to look for your XML Layout file, you only need to  hold the control button, and hover your mouse to your layout id. And choose Open XML Declaration.

This is the same behavior with  the java editor when we have an interface and a class that implement that interface. Its nice to have that handy feature introduced to ADT.

– Remember how sometimes the ADT looses it link with the AVD and you need to close the AVD so the logcat will work again ? AVD now save it state, so it can restart faster. You need to create a new or edit your previous AVD to enjoy this feature.

– One of the benefit of using emulator instead of real device for development, is that you can test your apps on lots of different platform and screen size. And now its very simple to do that. You don’t have to run lots of different AVD. You can do that directly from the layout graphical editor. Neat 😀

– A richer context menu. Now we can edit ID or Text of a view from the context menu. Setting layout properties and access for setting All of the properties is also available from the context menu. No longer need to go to the properties panel. Very cool indeed.

And also extracting and including layout will become natural, previously its a pain to use this two type of layout.

So that’s my favorite feature for this update. The complete list is shown here. Enjoy !

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