The Chronicle of an Android Developer Apprentice (7 of 7)

So, where do we go from here?

The total time I had spent for Wisespend is about twenty-thirty hours and about 1,400+ line of codes, several cups of coffee and (hopefully) countless amount of mineral water. I had realized a bit too late that I should be using some sort of time keeper to track the exact amount of hours I spent working for the app. The next project I started, would definitely be using an app for this.

The app obviously needs more time to polish. I figured that it would need another twenty hours to keep the basic functionality running sans the cause for infuriating casual users.

And I reckon that this is a good time to officially announces what Wisespend is all about:
– Let’s say you don’t want to spent more money than a specific amount during a monthly or weekly period.
– You put that number in the app.
– The app will then keep track this number, so-called quota and tell you how much you’re allowed to spent during a day within the period.
– You’re using the app on a daily basis, keyed in how much you had spent during that day, doesn’t matter for what, or why, the app doesn’t care.
– Afterward, the app will update the remaining quota, and your daily allowance.
– There’s a graphic-scheme within the app that was meant to tell you, on a quick glance, the informations that this app aimed to provide.

So, good enough for release? Or do you have any more say? 🙂

P.S: Looks like many millennia ago, I had installed a nifty program called RescueTime and even had a user associated with my email. Time to make that user up and running again.

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