The Chronicle of an Android Developer Apprentice (6 of 7)

There’s no denying and no work-around on mobile devices app. It has to be beautiful, intuitive, and constantly pleasant. You could boast about how well it has maintained the back engine, or how it has incorporated a super-cool algorithm that could actually solve the traveling salesman problem, or whatever. These things are cool if your target audience is a computer scientist. But I doubt that you’d ever actually built an app specifically targeted to them. Chances are, your app is going to be used by ordinary Joes and Janes. Chances are, these people are the one who are going to flash their phones, tap in your app, and maybe spent a second or two doing whatever tasks your app chooses to solve for them and this is the key. Your app should be easy to use, easy to navigate, easy to figure. In and out, done and finish, in less than a minute.

I’m still a very very long long way to implement this way of thinking correctly. Not even to my very own liking just yet.

As usual, I had a pen and a paper to put my desired designs captured. The problem is, I had a zero skill in Adobe suites. Negative, if it’s possible at all – It is possible, put me in a room with a competent designer and I would be constantly nagging at her that consequently, made her works more slowly and less productive. But a hard headed man I am, I went to Illustrator and begins futilely to make peace with the pixels, translating the doodling into a series of geometry functions. Almost two hours went by unceremoniously before I had decided, that okay, it won’t work, closed the Illustrator and scrape everything. Roman Nurik during Google Developer Day 2010 summing up what I should do perfectly. “DO work with visual and interaction designer(s).”

In the meantime, I decided to merely settle to a boring black, white, and green color as shown in the very image below.

Beta Version?

To be continued…

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