The Chronicle of an Android Developer Apprentice (5 of 7)

By now, I had an app with one screen and several clickable and submittable textfields. So, there are already means to create, update, and displayed informations for the app. The question would be did it displayed correctly? Did it behaved as expected?


The above image is another one of my doodles that more or less is my sort-of flow chart. Not really makes sense but it was my guide of workflow. Now, what I’m doing in this part isn’t really advocated as software development’s best-practice. In fact, look into any book, and every single one would scathe it without mercy. To a good reason, actually. What I did at this point was simply run-the-mill, trial-and-error software development. I’d begin with one workflow, attacking it without mercy from its action listener, and built it up to its back-engine and back again to the front for presentation. Again and again and again. What I hate the most about this part is testing it with emulator. Sure, it only involves right clicking the project in its Eclipse window, and run it as an Android project. Wait for a few seconds and hit cmd-tab to get into its screen, playing around with it, with one eye trained to adb logcat to see any debugging message.

At this point, the second Android project, I’d really thinking of looking into unit testing in Android. Perhaps in the third project? Meanwhile, there’s one article on on this very subject.

After I had finished with the workflows found on the doodle, to measure it’s feasibility as a full-fledged app, I had submitted it to the mreunionlabs mailing list to capture another’s experience with it. The result is obviously bad but it is the part of the process. The only thing that mattered now was whether I could continue the process.

That’s it for part five. Short because well, I had nothing interesting to report on this process. A run-the-mill, trial-and-error approach that in essence, almost did nothing but piling up boredom as the development cycle goes to its n-th iteration.

My homework: Testing unit.

To be continued …

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