The Chronicle of an Android Developer Apprentice (0 of 7)

I’ve been wanting to write this kind of post a long time ago. A post where I chronicled my journey as a developer. But, my experiences thus far aren’t that much interesting to begin with and therefore it doesn’t had much insight to be called a proper journey. It doesn’t imply a learning experience in which a particular journey worth to be chronicled at all.

There’s a saying, I don’t remember who had said it, or where I had heard it, but if I’m not mistaken it was that dude from Mozilla whose myth was single-handedly developed Facebook App for iPhone. He, or whomever actually really is, said that your first app is definitely going to be a suck. Or, if it happened to not suck, you’ll going through the experience, hurt and bloody.

KoinKuLator is my very first Android app worth mentioning. Sure, like any other curious developers, I had a brief hands on with Android in the form of “Hello, World!” or another but the real Android app was KoinKuLator and it was, well, let’s just say left enough room for improvements to fit several adult African Elephants.

Not only that it was my first Android app but it was also the first ‘live’ mobile app I’ve ever written. Naturally, since I was brought up from a sort of Desktop app developer, the restrictions that came with developing a software for mobile, taking account of the limited horse-power and screen real-estate is in itself, a challenge that more than once, made me trip and stumbled in the dirt during the development of KoinKuLator. Many a week I laid curses on ListViews and its Cursor adapters and out of frustration staring at the screen to codes I don’t seem to recognize even if I was the only one who had wrote it not a month before.

And that, ladies and gentlemen is mostly the reason KoinKuLator has been stalled for the last couple of months. Therefore, I’ve decided that in order to restore my confidence, I need a small, fast project and chronicled my thought process in creating it. With more than a hope that by doing so, I’d be honing up my skills, learning new curves and tricks and get back to KoinKuLator with a vengeance.

By the time you read this, the app is already at the hands of the mreunionlabs internal team for a proper review. I, We, can’t promise anything that whether the app will see the light of day or not. But, the very purpose of this app is giving myself as a developer, a different perspective, a new insight, a proper break from a spiraling frustration I had with KoinKuLator, and eventually shared my train of thoughts during the development of an Android app. This post is divided into seven parts, each for roughly a day I had spent during the development, and it was codenamed “Wisespend.”

One last thing, I wish you enjoyed the journey as much as I had enjoyed it.

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