From the Developer’s Desk – KoinKuLator 0.3

At a quick glance, I can tell right away that in the fifteen days of the month August, I’ve spent 416,695 rupiahs on “Food & Beverages,” and another 142,500 rupiahs on “Coffee.” That was among the few updates on the latest iteration on KoinKuLator which has arrived to its third minor ‘beta’ updates.

There are slew of updates that hopefully made the experience in using this application smoother and a bit easier. The major two updates are the introduction of Income inputs, and Balance report. Both are self explanatory obviously. Granted, as a salary man, my income source is more often than not, came only once in a month but I’d bet most users out there are making money left and right and they’d need to keep track their income. Some minor tweaks in the UIs are also introduced. Most notable is thousand separators. Also some fixes on various flaws in the layouts. All of these flaws are discovered and reported by you, users. Had I the only one who used this app, I’d simply compromise with the flaws instead of fixing it. But, of course, that’s not the case 🙂

Anyway, as far as a micro finance app go, this version is perhaps the final version. Unless, of course, if you gave me an input of an essential feature that I had failed to see. There are actually a couple of features that I’d like to see in the app. However, it should be remembered that this app lives and runs on an Handheld environment. A limited environment, both in resources and screen estate, that had I blindly implement the features without proper and thorough plan, it would break the experience instead of making it more useful. Plus, the added barrier of entry also needs to be taken into a careful consideration. So, again, for now, this version is perhaps the final version as far as a micro finance app go.

But fret not, I’m *still* working on the next version of this app that in my mind’s eye, will utilize the strength of the Android. There’s also this a planned feature, the one that has been around between me and Abangkis even before I wrote the first line of code. This feature came out when we discussed about what distinguishes KoinKuLator with another micro finance app so you could expect that it was something special (also somewhat of a real challenge in my part as the developer of this app). But for now, please enjoy this release, drop us a say when something is wrong. When, not if.

Finally, a rule of thumb, if you hadn’t seen this app called a 1.0 release, then you could very much expect that the development of this app is in an ever continuous motion.

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3 Responses to From the Developer’s Desk – KoinKuLator 0.3

  1. Faris says:

    I have tried this application for 14 days so far, i noticed there are some bug in weekly income.
    Since i get money weekly, i try to setup that but, after another week, there is no auto-appearing income anywhere,
    or maybe its just me?

  2. rhama.arya says:

    Faris, thank you so much for give it a try. There’s a lot of functionality that noticeably missing from the current app. What you experiencing with recurring income is not unique to yourself 😀

    However, we’re going to release 0.4 in upcoming weeks. Hopefully no later by the end of the month (September). We’re improving several things that going to make the user’s experience smoother.

    One of the functionality we’re *definitely* going to introduce is backup/restore transactions to/from SDCard so in case you’re playing with your handheld’s ROM and the like that could corrupt app data, you could now do a backup and full restore of its data.

  3. abangkis says:

    Hi faris, thanks a lot for your input. Keep giving us your feedback 🙂

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