From the Developer’s Desk – KoinKuLator 0.2

If you asked, what’s the best way for a toddler, or a child to learn swimming, I’m willing to bet that the majority would answer within the variation of “throw the kid into the water.” Sounds cruel and not to mention dangerous, but that, I think, is an acceptable truth and unless some obvious precautions weren’t met, the kid in question would’ve no doubt pick up swimming as he would picking up a bicycle ride. Bruised, choked, feared, but once learned, impossible to forget.

KoinKuLator 0.1 released last Thursday. With only a bare minimum feature to boot, it begs for feedbacks. And thankfully, and perhaps surprisingly, I’ve got plenty. Which means, that there are actually some of you using it, and care enough to spot many of its (obvious) flaws and sent a feedback. Many many thanks, to early adopters. Your feedback is my gold. In a way, KoinKuLator was the water and I’m the toddler who hadn’t had any vague idea that a human body actually floats in the water. And these feedbacks? They’re telling me first, how to paddle.

I had some semblance of idea about how deep the water (seemingly) is (read: I know Java). And I *know* that there are absolutely no sharks or killer whales or dolphins in this area (read: I had some experience in building application with Java). But electric eel? Alligator? those tiny crabs that could chew your toe? Water snake? Now, that is beyond my knowledge (read: I’ve had absolutely no experience in a mobile platform). But I jumped in, anyway. Knowing full well that should there be some dangers that threatened my well being, someone (Abangkis) would jumped in to rescue me. Or so I thought (and hoped, though it had never happened. Yet. The dangers, I mean).

So, just like my first flailing punches and kicks, between the gurgled water and my occasional grasp for breath, KoinKuLator, which was my first (real) attempt at a mobile platform, was awkward, and barely floating. However, for me, it manages to serve a purpose which is get me up to speed with the actual water. To see whether there are dangerous animals that could chew my toe and more (so far, none but the small fishes that tickles) and how deep the water really is (fairly deep, but I haven’t gone too far off the shore). Yea, dog paddling could keep you afloat, but you can’t know it unless you try it yourself in the water, can’t you?

Having said that, and spent some time in the water, and having listened to the feedback, I could now very much timed my dog paddling. When, where, and how I should kick in the water to keep myself afloat. But, as some people are better in freestyling and some more are better in back paddling, I’ve also started to develop my kinks on how exactly I keep myself afloat. More or less, it affected on how I moved in the water (read: how this application was developed).

KoinKuLator 0.2 is built upon 0.1, and added two functionalities that was noticeably absent in the 0.1 version.
– Edit / Delete Transaction, and
– Edit / Delete Category.
Besides that, some UI tweaks are applied. The goal, to reduce the number of clicks (or taps) that the user had to go in order to fluently use the app.

This version was released to public on Monday but I’ve been using it since Sunday and I felt pretty much satisfied with how the application (with its limited offerings in term of financial functions) serves me. Of course, I was the Patient Zero. When there’s a Zombie outbreak, a Patient Zero won’t know nor care about how terrible he must’ve been look to others. Heck, he was a Patient Zero, he had never seen a Zombie. In fact, he was probably feeling terribly good about himself. Now try tell this to Patient One moments before Patient Zero approaches him with a gaping mouth, savage eyes and a moan that eerily sounds like, “brrraaaaaiiinnnnnnnsss.” His first instinct would be run, save his own live. Although, when Patient Zero bit him, he’d be Patient One and quite probably feeling terribly good about himself, as well. But, his first instinct remains the same. Run, save your live.

Now, I am a Patient Zero, I am terribly happy about KoinKuLator 0.2, and you’d probably be a Patient One. It’s not gonna be as extreme as “Run, save live” response (I hope), but it’s still took some convincing for you to have to use it and you and I, definitely had a different idea on what’s good and what’s not. For instance, as my handheld is a multi-touch interface with no physical keypad, this app was built upon *that* device’s mindset. Granted, I’ve never seen with my own eyes an actual Android device with a physical keypad so I have no idea on how this approach of UI flows going to affect users with that device or one with no touch-capability.

So, again, please, if you had time, give this app a shot and let me know in a feedback. Email to or drop a say to either @mreunion or @arya199.

BIG Thanks.

P.S. Long story short, 0.2 built upon 0.1. In summary, KoinKuLator provides you with the functionally to manage your expense (for now), pool it into different categories, and have it reported to you based on which category sucks your money the most, or on a daily basis. 0.2 is just adding functionality to edit/delete your transactions or categories.

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