From the Developer’s Desk – KoinKuLator 0.1

Fanfare, lights, if you please, because here it is. KoinKuLator. Grab it from download section. It came from my very own need to track my spending. I’m not a big spender. Can’t afford to be one. But I’m also an easy spender. In fact, so easy, that before I got married, I’m on this repetitive spending cycle that put me literally grasping for the last grasp of pennies, combined with a strict instant noodle at almost every end of the month. The problem is, I had no idea or no recollection on what I had spent my money for. There are books, yes, video games, most definitely, some gadgets, well, yeah, but I really don’t think I had spent that much of money on them. The point being, I need to know exactly what I had spent my money for, and how much. However, I think it is safe to say that I was turned into an easy spender when I switched to OSX.

Like most Apple enthusiasts, I came from a PC. I made a switch in 2007 and the only thing I missed about PC was Microsoft Money, which sadly, I believe, has been discontinued. I’ve been trying to find a proper replacement to Money in OSX. I had tried Kaching, Quicken, and Mint. Kaching is a pretty decent but not my cup of tea. Probably because the application features a pig as its icon. Ridiculous, I know, but still, there’s got to be a reason of why that particular application doesn’t strike me as gold and as silly as that pig thing really is, it’s probably true. At least in my case. However, I remember I was immediately in love with Mint. Problem is, during a setup Mint requires you (or I had assumed it was required) to put your bank information in order for it to pull your current balance and so forth, or so I had thought. I would gladly give my bank information had Mint supported BMRI, BBNI, or BBCA. Of course, they didn’t and for the time, I was left with a write pad that had a tendency to be lost or forgotten or iWork’s Numbers which doesn’t really convenient to be used and therefore, my money, actual money, bank notes and coins and all, goes to whoever merchant that had succeeded in tricking me into his sales. And they’re a plenty.

Of course, as a software engineer by trade, I had been tried to make one. Unsuccessful because I had been working alone with nobody to pushes me when I’m lazy or slap me when I’m down. So long story short, here it is, three years behind, in an already crowded market, KoinKuLator. It may not offers anything new or radically different but I had plenty of things in mind. Budgeting, financial prediction, sophisticated reporting, portfolio, mortgage, social media narcissism, rewarding systems, heck, throw in an GPS-enabled something that relatable to spending, augmented reality, gyroscope, camera, automated messaging, Google Docs, Google Maps integration, sharing, comprehensive reporting, RPG game, or text-only dungeon crawler relatable to spending, Google Sky View integration, well, you’ve got the idea. The possibility is limitless.

Granted, this 0.1 is a bare app that provides only a basic functionality. But let me tell you this. There’s this iPhone app called Expenditures. It costs $2 in an iTunes store, I know because I bought it and the only difference to my app was that Expenditures could take a picture attached to a transaction, supports multi currency, and had a slick UI. Mine? Mostly black and white but costs you nothing to use. Although of course, donations are always welcomed.

So, at a glance KoinKuLator 0.1 is like this.
– Record a transaction
– Put it into a Category of your creation
– See it in bar report where you could see how much you spent on a Category or in a particular day.

Very very basic. But that’s the idea. Help me out on this. You see, I’d love to see how mreunion’s community is going to responded to this. If nobody cares, well, at least, I’m using it, and my wife would also be using it at least when I could persuade her to switch from her old dumbphone Nokia she loved so much she had refused to use *any* smartphone. But if there’s actually a somebody out there who is somehow helped by it but want it to provides more functionalities then, by all means, fire away. Sent me a love/hate letter to, or through twitter @mreunion or @arya199 with subject prefixed by [Koin] that’s a [Koin] with a ‘K.’ In term of KoinKuLator, my existence is purely for your satisfaction.

Big BIG thanks.

Rhama Arya W.

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One Response to From the Developer’s Desk – KoinKuLator 0.1

  1. api says:

    “I’d love to see how mreunion’s community is going to responded to this.”

    The easiest, with minimal effort, method to know whether your application will be used is to upload a very early development (perhaps even a bogus installer) and see if anyone downloads it. This will save you from wasting time developing something that no one wants. Good luck with the application!

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